Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Sorry I've Been a Lousy Friend...

I saw this going by on Facebook and I thought wow, I've got to share that out.

Being the parent of a child with Autism can cause some serious social issues, and I'm not talking about the child's social abilities.  I'm talking about ours!

It takes a special person to understand the parent of a special needs child.

I can't tell you how many times I have forgotten things having to do with other people because I am so busy dealing with meltdowns and therapy and bizarre fixations and routines, and and and...

I mean just a couple weeks ago I got an invitation to something really cool that I totally planned to be at, but the day came and went and it wasn't until I saw pictures on Facebook that I realized I had completely forgotten the event.

And let me tell you, I felt like crap over it.

But that morning I had to take the kids to therapy, I had to deal with routine issues, I had to calm a child who wasn't handling the world well because there was "too much noise" even though nothing was on anywhere.

Yeah, it was that kind of a day and I forgot.

I'm sorry for being a lousy friend.

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  1. I've done it too so don't feel bad. At least you didn't forget your mother's birthday like I did. I'm still on her @#$% list.


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