Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Worst Dream Ever

If your child came up to you and told you they had the worst dream ever, what would you immediately think of?

Would it be monsters?  Someone dying?  A car accident?

A plane crash?  Being chased by a shark?

A million things can go through your mind, but I doubt you ever considered this...

Today my son said to me, "Mommy, I had the worst dream ever."

"What did you dream about?" I asked.

"Well, at first we were supposed to go to a party.  It was a family party.  That was ok because it was a family party with our family.  But when we got there it wasn't a family party."

He started shaking so I said, "It's ok.  It was just a dream.  If someone got hurt it wasn't real."

He looked at me and sighed in the most exasperated way and then he continued, "No one got hurt.  It wasn't a family party.  There were like a hundred people there!"

Ok, did you just laugh?  Yes, the first instinct is to laugh, but I did not laugh.  Instead I just gave him a long hug.  For my son, this is truly the WORST DREAM EVER.

That was it.  There was no more to it.  There were a hundred people there and that was the nightmare.

Autism... Aspergers... Anxiety... He lives it every day, every night, all year long.


  1. I did NOT laugh. As you know, we do not have anyone with autism in our family. On that level, I cannot relate. As someone with SEVERE anxiety, I can relate. I shake. I have been known to panic or "flip out" (I hate it when people say that - they don't get it).

  2. I knew if anyone would get it that it would be you.

    I don't mention myself in here much because I wanted to focus on Bug, but his anxiety is something I can relate to. I have social anxiety, that's what my doctor called it. I don't know if there is a fancier name, but that is pretty darn accurate. Bug's anxiety is more than just social though, he takes it to all new levels (new for me). I'm currently reading a book with various strategies to help him - I'm hoping some of it will work. And he does go to social skills therapy which forces him to deal with some of the anxiety.


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