Monday, March 19, 2012

They Learn Young

My daughter has had this desire to buy me a birthday present all by herself this year. She's been talking about it for weeks now and my birthday isn't even until May. I'm not sure what sparked this for her, but the thought of surprising me with something seems to give her great joy. She is constantly telling me how the surprise will make me "so happy."

But this weekend the surprise seemed to turn into something a little more...

Bean: Mommy, I'm going to get you two surprises for your birthday.

Me: Really? Well I'm going to get you two on your birthday as well.

Bean: Actually, I think it will be three surprises.

Me: Three? I might get you three as well.

Bean: No, I'm getting you four... No, five! Five surprises!

Me: Five? What, is this a competition now? Where do you plan to get the money for all these surprises?

She sat there and looked very thoughtful for a moment. Then she put on her cutest smile and tilted her head a little while turning to the person sitting next to her and saying...

"Daddy will take me!"

Daddy's little girl... Oh my, how early they learn to pull those heart strings!


  1. You think she can try to train my hubby to buy me a present for my birthday?

  2. Having trouble posting. I kept on getting error. Grrrrrrrrrr.

  3. I got them, both times.. not sure why it's saying error. Strange...

  4. I really do fear the teen years.. She's got Daddy wrapped around her finger already... Oh my...


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